Thursday, October 30, 2008

Letter Dd

October 28th was a Doggone great Day for the Letter Dd

Turquoise Letter Dd's were dotted with dots

Letter Poem
D is for Dinosaur
D is for Dog
D is for Doll
on my log

We read books on dinosaurs, dogs, and a dancing duck.
The action song was Dinosaurs were...
Letter/ Craft Project were Dinosaur rubbings

Next Storytime is October 31st
A Spooktacular StoryTime!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Spooktacular StoryTime

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Letter Cc

October 21st the Letter Cc was introduced!
Yellow Letter Cc's were decorated with Candy Corn
Letter Poem
C is for Cow
C is for Cat
C is for Caterpillar
On my hat!
We read about C, Cow , Caterpillar, & Cat books.
Song/ Fingerplay PopCorn!
Craft Candy Corn Man
Next StoryTime October 28 Letter Dd

Letter Bb

October 14th Letter Bb was introduced.
Buttons and Band-Aids adorned the Blue Letter Bb's for all to see!
Letter Poem
B is for Bear
B is for Boat
B is for Buttons
on my coat
We read B, Bugs, Bats & Belly Button Books.
Song/ Finger Play was Big Bugs, Small Bugs.
Crafts we decorated Halloween Bookmarks!
Next StoryTime October 21st Letter Cc

Letter Aa

October 7th the Letter Aa was introduced.
Letter Poem
A is for Alligator
A is for Ants
A is for Apples
on my pants
We decorated red letter Aa's with black fingerprint Ant's and put them up on the Library wall for all the patron's to see.
We read Alligator, Ant and A books. Our Song was Alligator Pie.
Craft was stamping half red and green Apples to make cards.
We finished with Stamping our hands with the letter Aa to show Mom and Dad.
Next StoryTime is October 14 Letter Bb

A-Z StoryTime

Welcome to A-Z StoryTime at Winsted Library!
Tuesdays, October 7, 2008 - December 9, 2008
9:30 AM-10:15 AM
Learn the Alphabet
A New Letter Each Week!
Finger Play
All Children are Invited!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Thing 23 Evaluation

I Did It!!! I finished 23 Things on a Stick.

This experience has taught me to not be afraid to try using different tools with the computer and WEB. Normally I'm quite apprehensive and don't like to make mistakes when learning new things. 23 Things on a Stick made me try different things, make mistakes, fix them and found out I didn't crash the computer. My Husband is an engineer and is jealous of all the Things I have learned and can't wait for me to show them to him.

All the tools were interesting to learn about especially Blogging, Flickr, & LibraryThing.

I plan to continue using this blog for our Storytime Section at our Library. I now am more confident with uploading pictures and using the fun tools to display them on my Blog and someday our website.

I certainly would participate in a refresher/ updated Things program. The People behind 23 Things did a great job of setting this up, Thank you!